Hair Transplant Surgeons and the Magic They Do

We all want to have a head of healthy and robust hair. Unfortunately, many men and women experience a genetically pre-programmed hair loss, sometimes as early as the age of 20. People may believe that there is not anything that can be done, and that they should just accept their fate. This is not always true. Because of the advances in the field of hair loss treatment, hair transplant surgeons are able to treat the scalp, and ensure a lifetime of hair growth.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Today’s technology and science allow surgeons to “harvest” strands of your own hair and plant them into the balding areas of your scalp. The transplanted hairs are taken from areas not affected by genetic hair loss, on the back and sides of the head. Because of this, the hairs will not fall out and will actually regrow, filling in the balding area. The procedure is time-consuming and involves several steps.

  • After injection of a numbing agent, a thin strip of scalp is removed from the lower part of the scalp. This area is then closed and stitched. A small thin scar will be present after healing, but will easily be covered by your existing hair.
  • Using a microscope, expert technicians carefully separate and clean each individual hair follicle. This is done to ensure that no damage is done to the follicle itself. While time-consuming, this process allows for a better survival rate of the transplanted follicles.
  • The hair transplant surgeon then plants or places the follicles into the balding scalp. An experienced surgeon will take the time to place the hair follicles with angulations and densities to blend the new hair growth into your existing hair. This will result in a natural look that you can style just as you do your other hair. The transplanted hair will grow naturally and be undetectable to others.

When considering hair transplant surgery, and choosing the surgeon who will perform the surgery for you, take the time to research clinics and doctors. You want a top quality surgeon who has experience and has produced great results for previous clients. When not performed with care and done properly, the results can be excessive scarring or a loss of transplanted hair.

Sure Hair International is proud to offer the latest technology and highly trained staff to meet your needs. Our physicians have years of experience in performing hair transplant surgery and are available for consultation.