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Boost Your Confidence With Sure Hair’s Proven Hair And Scalp Volumizing Treatment


The Sure Hair in house re-growth volumizing treatment program has been designed to help stimulate hair growth, strengthen weak and dying follicles and to help increase the speed of new hair growth.

Our specially designed spa treatment will deep clean the root and hair bulb, strengthen the hair shaft, stimulate follicles, remove toxins and debris from the hair and scalp and reduce DHT from the bulb and hair shaft. By increasing blood flow to the scalp and follicles our Hair & Scalp Volume Boosting Treatments will leave your scalp feeling invigorated.

Our Sure Hair exclusive treatment serum is used to add back the necessary oils and nutrients needed to grow healthy, voluminous hair. As an added benefit, our treatment staff will blow dry and style your hair using SureThik Hair Thickening Products giving you “night out” worthy hair after every visit!   

    Before Hair Thickening Treatment   After Hair Thickening Treatment 

 Hair & Scalp Volume Boosting Treatment

Step 1: Scalp Exfoliation – Removes Toxins and Debris that build up from styling products, pollution and chemical treatments.

Step 2: Deep Cleansing – Removes excess sebum and DHT from the roots and hair bulb.

Step 3: Vibrating Scalp Massage – Stimulates the hair follicle, increases blood flow and circulation.

Step 4: Scalp Booster Oil – Heats and infuses nutrients into the hair and scalp, increases blood flow and circulation.

Step 5: Protein Treatment – Adds essential nutrients and oils to the hair shaft, strengthens the hair shaft and leaves hair silky and soft.

Step 6: DHT Blocker Oil – Blocks DHT from building around the follicle, provides nutrients to the hair follicle, helps prevent further hair loss.

Step 7: Laser Light Therapy Session – Prevents further hair loss, thickens existing hair, stimulates the hair follicle, increases blood flow and circulation.

Step 8: Thickening Mist / Foam Application – Plumps the hair strand for an instant volume boost, provides antioxidants to reduce hair and scalp aging and improves follicle health.

Step 9: Blow Dry – Activates Thickening Mist / Foam.

Step 10: Fiber Application – Hair instantly appears thicker and covers any areas of showing scalp.


 Give Your Hair A Boost Today!

   Top Before   Top After   After Glamor Shot  

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