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Sure Hair Transplants ® has been offering hair transplants since 1996. Our innovative techniques have transformed the field of hair transplants in Canada. We are fully dedicated to providing the best possible services and we take pride in exceeding client expectations. We have performed over 4500 hair transplant procedures to date on clients from all around the world, and in the world of hair transplantation there is absolutely no substitute for experience.

What Makes our Hair Transplants So Unique?

Sure Hair® has been performing hair transplantation since 1996, in 2003 we pioneered the Uni-Strand® Dense Packing method of hair insertion, ten years later in 2013 we are among the first in Canada to incorporate advanced robotics for precise extraction of singular follicular units.

Less Than 1% Of Clincs Can Achieve This

Less then 1% of the hair transplant clinics in the world have the technical expertise to match the 65-70 single follicular unit grafts that we are able to consistently transplant into a square centimetre of bald or thinning scalp by utilizing our Uni-Strand® Dense Packing method, and we are also able to accomplish that at unmatched prices.

Precision Robotics Helps Reduce Cost and Produce a Perfect Result Every Time

In 2013, we were the first in Canada to introduce world class Robotics to be used to very precisely extract the hair follicles one by one, without ever damaging a single graft and without requiring a linear incision, or leaving any visible linear scars no matter how short you wear your hair. Artas® advanced robotics technology, coupled with our Uni-Strand® dense packing method produces a final result which we believe to be the best hair transplant in the world, at prices that are simply unmatched by anyone.

The Best Hair Transplant in The World at Unmatched Prices

Currently, there are no other clinics in the world that offer both. Safely and gently removing the precious grafts without error one by one, and implanting the same grafts perfectly every time. The density is excellent and the regrowth rate is completely guaranteed to be natural without any noticeable linear scar, even with extremely short hair. This is what has made Sure Hair Transplants one of the most popular hair transplant clinics in Canada. We continually strives to introduce new and innovative techniques in order to improve our client’s final result.

Virtually Painless and a Perfectly Naturally Hairline

The “gentle-touch” technique for administering anaesthesia that is virtually painless, and finally our “stick and place” method which helps us create a seamless and undetectable transplanted hairline that is perfectly natural in every way.

Even our own staff often has a difficult time telling the difference between a natural hairline and one that Sure hair has previously recreated.

Our medical doctors supervise all transplants so that each transplant is a custom designed work that serves the patient both in the short term and the long term. The end result is an ultra-refined hair transplant that is tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

Prior to all surgical procedures, the doctor will discuss in great detail all aspects of the surgery, as well as address any questions or concerns which the client may have.

Here at our staff try to ensure that each patient feels as if they have had an honest and clear discussion about the surgery and what to expect before, during and after the surgery.

Following the surgery, our clients can expect a detailed and extensive follow-up program which ensures that each patient has adequate support and access after the surgery.

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