Donor Area Hair Transplant Trichophytic closure – No Scar Technique

Very Minimized Linear Scar

Trichophytic Closure
Strip method hair transplantation or also known as FUT involves taking hair form a donor area, usually from the “U” shaped area at the back of the head, and transplanting it to the thinning or balding areas, generally the frontal area or the crown area of the head. New medical stitching techniques can help minimize the scar, generally leaving a very fine scar that is virtually undetectable.

An advanced surgical technique called a trichophytic (pronounced “trick-o-fitic “ ) closure, allows the skin to heal with hair growing right through the scar.

This means that scars become very fine and are often practically invisible for some patients, since the hair growing through the scar will blend in with the rest of the patient’s hair.

Sure Hair Transplants has been advancing the refinement of this technique, and we use it in almost all patients. This method allows for precision stitching and gives the best potential to get the hair growing around the donor area to grow right through the scar.