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Clinical Low Level Laser Device
At Sure Hair, we offer tailored treatment programs to combat every facet of hair loss. We have discovered that the highest rates of re-growth occurs when we use a broad based treatment approach. We are now offering affordable, customized anti hair loss programs that incorporate multiple treatment methods and moralities for the best results possible. Programs include the Vitamin Enriched Scalp Boosting Treatments, Low Level Cold Laser Light Hair Re-Growths Sessions and Health Canada approved hair supporting oral vitamins to help with Tissue growth and development. Your treatment adviser will first conduct a consultation including a microscopic scalp analysis to identify your specific hair loss problem and will continue to educate you about your individualized treatment options, what is to be expected and progress throughout the program. On-going treatments will be required until you achieve your maximum density.


Benefits of the Sure Hair Treatment Programs

  • Stops and maintains further hair loss, meanwhile increasing density immediately.
  • Stimulates re-growth, thickens and strengthens existing hair.
  • Increases blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment.
  • Affordable and Customized Program Treatment Options

Program Results

  • 100% of the subjects saw an increase in hair density.
  • 97% increased hair count equal to or greater than 20%.
  • 77% of the subjects had an increase of hair volume greater than or equal to 51%.
  • Laser Therapy combined with a topical program such as our proprietary Vitamin Enriched Scalp Therapy was found to be 28% more effective than Laser Therapy on its own.


1) Vitamin Enriched Scalp Boosting Treatments – Specially designed to help stimulate hair growth, strengthen weak or dying follicles and to help increase the rate of new hair growth. Treatments consist of a Ten Step Process that will deep clean the root and hair bulb, strengthen the hair shaft, stimulate follicles, remove toxins and debris from the hair and scalp and reduce DHT from the bulb and hair shaft. Our Sure Hair exclusive treatment serum is also used to increase much needed oxygen and blood flow to hair follicles.

2) Laser Light Hair Re-Growth Therapy – This is a non-invasive procedure that requires the patient sit underneath a paneled device which contains over 100 low level light lasers. The lasers help to reduce further hair loss and increase hair re-growth by stimulating the follicle, increasing blood flow and oxygen to the scalp. Each session is painless and last only 20 minutes.

3) SureThik Vitamins – SureThik® Hair Thickening Products have created natural vitamins for men and women designed to assist clients who suffer from thinning hair and hair loss. These natural vitamins are specially formulated to promote tissue formation as well as normal growth and development. The SureThik Vitamins have received Health Canada clearance identifying that these professional products are approved to be safe and effective for the treatment of “Tissue Formation and Normal Growth and Development”. It is commonly believed that in order to re-grow healthy and beautiful hair you must first have a healthy scalp. Regeneration of the tissue and cells surrounding the hair follicle structure is obviously needed to achieve a healthy scalp and thus beautiful hair. Hair, scalp and nails are all related. So, don’t be surprised if in using these vitamins, you experience some additional benefits.

What is Laser Light Therapy?

10 Step Treatment Process

What to Expect from Treatment



Matt BeforeMatt 6 Months of Treatment
6 Months of Treatment
Before Treatment 50 Times MagnificationAfter Treatment 50 Times Magnification
50X Magnification

Laser Light Therapy
Carla BeforeCarla After 3 Months of Low Level Laser Hair Therapy
3 Months of Treatment

Sarah BeforeSarah 6 Months of Treatment
6 Months of Treatment

Trevor BeforeTevor 9 Months of Treatment
9 Months of Treatment




9 Months of Treatment
6 Months of Treatment
6 Months of Treatment


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