Chemotherapy Wigs – An Effective Solution for Hair Loss

The loss of one’s hair is a traumatic experience under any circumstances.  Our hair is a key element in our appearance and our identity. When coupled with a serious illness such as cancer, the emotional scarring can be much worse, resulting in a loss of confidence and a sense of isolation. Chemotherapy and radiation, while necessary for the treatment of cancer, can cause hair loss and total baldness. Thankfully, high quality and natural chemotherapy wigs provide an effective solution for covering hair loss and providing a restoration of a person’s confidence in social settings.

How to Choose a Chemotherapy Wig

Hair regrowth begins a few months after cancer treatment is completed for most people. However, the growth cycle may be delayed and the new hair may have a thinner, fuzzier texture or return with a grey color. Patients are provided with instructions and guidelines to follow that aid in the regrowth process. While living through this process, a specialized chemotherapy wig will cover the scalp and provide a natural, healthy appearance. When considering which chemotherapy wig to purchase, there are some factors to keep in mind.

  • Human Hair. The use of human hair in chemotherapy wigs increases the comfort level and allows air circulation to the recovering scalp. They also provide a more natural look and a lighter weight.
  • Daily Activities. Hair systems are available that can be worn during activities such as showering or during sleep. This increases a person’s sense of overall well-being and it more convenient.
  • Wig Design. A high quality chemotherapy wig will complement and blend well with your facial features, skin tone and natural hair color. The density should be close to that of your own hair. The look should be natural and undetectable.

A chemotherapy wig designed by a hair loss professional has the added benefit of providing a boost to your confidence and self-esteem. When you outward appearance radiates health, you can confidently resume important social activities, which can speed your overall recovery.

Charitable organizations like Trevor Sorbie’s My New Hair provides intensive training in the techniques needed to cut and style specialized chemotherapy wigs. Many hairstylists have attended his organization’s training and now spread joy to many cancer survivors.

Sure Hair International® clinic has professional and compassionate staff available to assist you in the design and choice of the highest quality chemotherapy wigs. Use of Sure Hair’s NT medical hair system can provide you with a natural look that restores your look of radiant health.