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Hair Transplant Surgeons and the Magic They Do

We all want to have a head of healthy and robust hair. Unfortunately, many men and women experience a genetically pre-programmed hair loss, sometimes as early as the age of 20. People may believe that there is not anything that can be done, and that they should

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FUE – A Few Words about Transplant Methods

The advances in the field of hair transplant over the past 15 years has been incredible. Discovery of follicular units and the ability to microscopically dissect hair into follicular units ensures a completely natural appearing hair transplant. There are two major methods of harvesting hair follicles and

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Hair Transplant Surgery: The First Rule

In my early 20s, I found myself bald and feeling old. Like so many others, I went to a local surgeon who promised me 1200 grafts for $3000. Six months later, I had 50 grafts left on my head and looked worse than before I had the

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