Hair Transplants: Know the Truth

The industry of hair loss correction and hair transplant surgery is built on marketing strategies and many false promises. I have encountered many people who were promised results that couldn’t possibly happen. The supposed “Miracle” ointments promised to magically regrow your hair for the price of $4000 is one of my favorites. What is much worse is people who have received bad hair transplant surgeries and are left with bad plugs and large scars.

Through all the false promises and schemes, one simple truth emerges. There are a few select clinics dedicated to giving you the truth and education you need to understand not just the science behind it, but the actual procedure itself. Once you have this, you will know what I have known for several years. That is the reason why this clinic and a few others are the very best at what we do. You will also know why there are so many clinics that falsely represent what they can do.

Hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic procedure, which means there is a lot of money to be made. People who fall for emotional manipulation are easily fooled. It’s happens easily when it involves something as traumatic as hair loss.

The Difference

At our surgical center, we can truly say that the results we achieve every day are truly remarkable. Our hair transplant surgery results have a truly natural look and completely mimic Mother Nature’s own imperfect perfectionism. We don’t need or want to fool or manipulate you. We want you to know and understand the truth and work hard to be sure we present you with expectations that are realistic.

Too many people are lied to, and talked into wasting thousands of dollars for bad results. I know – I was a victim and fooled into getting a bad hair transplant years ago. That’s one of the reasons I am passionate about helping people get the education and knowledge they need to understand the truth. I’m grateful that I now work for a company that shares that passion.