Hair Transplants: Hairlines, Angulation, Techniques, Uni-Strand (Part Three)

Your hairline is the first thing someone sees when they look at you. Hairlines frame your face, and then define and either work with or against your features. In this article, we’ll talk about hairline design and what features a good hair transplant has.

Designing Your Hairline

The hairlines we receive from nature are never perfect. Each one has slight imperfections and a good hair transplant reproduces that look. As men age, the hairline begins to recede. It is important to understand that a receding hairline is not the same as hair loss. Another important fact is that the hairline that is placed in hair transplant surgery is permanent – it does not follow the natural process of receding with age.

There are several factors that are considered when designing a hairline for an individual. Age, facial features and the possibility of future hair loss all guide hair care specialist in making recommendations to clients.

  • Age. When a young client comes in for a consult, they often want a lower hairline. Since hair transplants are permanent, a low hairline will begin to look unnatural as the years pass. The goal is to create a hairline that will still look good in ten years or more, so a higher hairline is a more appropriate design.
  • Facial Features. Good hairline design works to frame the face and work with the facial features. If your jaw line is squared, then a squared hairline will fit your face well.
  • Future Hair Loss. Any qualified surgeon will always plan for future hair loss. The amount of balding area that can be covered is limited by the amount of donor hair available. If it is likely that the client will require further surgeries, a surgeon will want to harvest as few grafts as possible in order to preserve donor hair.

When considering hair transplant surgery, think about the highest you can happily let your hairline go. Consult with a hair care specialist and discuss your expectations, but be ready to accept reality. Most people are surprised how pleased they are with a higher hairline that looks natural and carries them into their later years.