Hair Transplants – Don’t go to just any Clinic

I have enjoyed my five years working in the field of Hair Loss and Hair Transplants. Daily, I receive questions about the truths and myths of Hair Transplant surgery. As a Hair Transplant Specialist, I am privileged to help patients considering hair transplants to face the realities of their particular situation. And, I am also there to help people who have received a bad transplant.

I do all this because I too once looked in the mirror and saw a balding old man. I was in my 20s when I went to a hair loss clinic and decided to get a hair transplant. The results of that first transplant were horrible – unnatural and with a pluggy looking hairline. For years, I was depressed and hopeless.

Then I found the Sure Hair Surgical Center. They were my salvation. In 2006, I underwent repair of the first transplant and I now enjoy a natural hairline and a full head of hair, even years after. My life was dramatically changed. Several years went by before I began working for this amazing company.

I am able to help patients find hope again after a bad transplant. When you are affected by balding, finding the right doctors and clinic to help you are important. Top quality results are worth the search. It can be a life changing encounter.