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5on Google,Aug 15, 2017


Great group of people really look after you and make the experience very comfortable,the price seems reasonable,the outcome really will determine the over all value of the procedure

5on Google,Aug 12, 2017


Great service and great results. Would recommend to anyone

5on Our Website,Aug 12, 2017


My hair transplant took place 1 year ago. I now have great density with a natural hair line. I am extremely satisfied. Very knowledgeable staff. Great service.

5on Our Website,Aug 12, 2017


My hair transplant took place 1 year ago. I now have great density with a natural hair line. I am extremely satisfied. Very knowledgeable staff. Great service.

5on Our Website,Aug 11, 2017


I did my research and had interviews with a number of doctors, Dr. Gupta and the group at Sure Hair are highly experienced and have worked together for many many years. The experience was first class and I will be recommending the team.

5on Our Website,Aug 07, 2017


Very satisfied with the results. Thank you

5on Our Website,Aug 07, 2017


I am very happy that I chose Sure Hair. I have had a great result. The staff and doctor were very professional, extremely knowledgeable and the follow-up was excellent.

5on Google,Jul 30, 2017


The hair transplant went really smooth. The staff and doctors were really helpful in guiding me through the whole process. Just got my stitches removed and everything looks well.

5on Our Website,Jul 30, 2017


Outstanding results. Wish I had done the procedure sooner!

5on Google,Jul 28, 2017


Dr Gupta and his staff were very friendly and very supporting during the whole process. Very knowledgeable and tells you the truth. Great service at a great price. Made the right choice by coming to him and his team. Huge Thanks to them. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering having a hair transplant!

5on Google,Jul 27, 2017


Outstanding results my hair transplant went very well. Thank You Dr Gupta and the Sure Hair Team!

5on Our Website,Jul 27, 2017


The service was outstanding and the team is wonderful. Great transplant!.

5on Our Website,Jul 24, 2017


I had a hair transplant one year ago: great experience. What a change in my life with hair on my scalp.

5on Google,Jul 23, 2017


Gupta and his team were supportive and helpful. They explained the process thoroughly and helped during the healing process. The pizza lunch was a huge bonus.

5on Our Website,Jun 11, 2017


This is the best experience I have ever had in hospital or with any costmetic treatment. I work on television and I had some pretty noticeable bald spots made worse by TV lighting. For me this was not just a confidence issue, but detrimental to my work. Dr. Gupta, his incredible nurses and team are artists. I have a low pain tolerance level and the recovery was easy. I had a strip method transplant and my hair is growing back beautifully. I had virtually now shock loss and follow-up calls every day to make sure I was okay. I could not recommend a clinic or a procedure more if you are in the market for a hair transplant.

5on Our Website,Jun 11, 2017


Dr.Gupta and the team and SureHair Toronto are true professionals in Hair Transplant surgery. After thousands of hair transplants surgerys they carry out every step of the surgery in a professional and caring mannor thats gives the patient the utmost confidence and comfort throughout the entire process from surgery to any care or questions months or years after procedure.

5on Our Website,Jun 07, 2017


It is now two years since my transplant. Fantastic results. Very natural hair line. Confidence booster. Great for social life. I am glad that I did my hair transplant with Sure Hair.

5on Google,Jun 04, 2017


This was my second transplant. Everything went externally well. I experienced very little pain and healed up quickly. The doctor and staff were extremely professional and friendly. Thank you.

5on Our Website,Jun 04, 2017


This was my second transplant. Everything went extreamly well. The Doctor and staff were very freandly and profesional. I didn't experience any real pain and the healing went quickly. I am very pleased with the procedure and the results look great so far.

5on Our Website,May 29, 2017


Great results. Far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Sure Hair

5on Our Website,May 28, 2017


Very professional staff and results were as expected, thank you for a great experience! Highly Recommended!

5on Our Website,May 28, 2017


Hair transplant to the crown. Great results. What a confidence builder!! Thank you Sure Hair and Dr. Gupta.

5on Our Website,May 25, 2017


I had my procedure on May 11th. To my surprise my FUE transplant started to grow hair within 2-3 days. Dr. Gupta and his staff were fantastic the day of my transplant. No Pain what so ever. I will definetly be back!!

5on Our Website,May 22, 2017


I am very happy with the results of the hair transplant. Thank you Sure Hair. I have recommended Sure Hair to my friends.

5on Our Website,May 22, 2017


I am at 18 months post-transplant. Great results. It has transformed my life. Thank you Dr. G and Sure Hair.

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