Experience world class results with the Artas™ Robotic Hair transplant technology and our proprietary Uni-Strand® dense packing hair process.

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Sure Hair has been performing medical hair transplants since 1996. Our innovative techniques have transformed the field of hair transplantation. We are fully dedicated to providing the very best results, and take great pride in exceeding client expectations. To date we have performed over 5000 hair transplant procedures, and in the world of hair transplantation there is absolutely no substitute for experience.

What Makes Our Artas Hair Transplant so Unique?

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Sure Hair’s Transplant Surgeons and Staff incorporate a "patient first" approach to every client case. That means we pay very close attention to our patients needs, concerns and expections. We feel that each patient is completely unique and their final results need to reflect that uniqueness both in our attention to detail and the final overall result, and we believe this approach is what makes all the difference for our clients.

Uncompromising Support for Our Patients

“It is my belief that the transplant begins with our first consult and only ends when the results are fully grown in and the patient no longer feels that they need our support. My staff and I treat each patient with respect and we endeavour to make all patients comfortable both physically and emotionally” Sure Hair Medical Director Dr. A. Gupta
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Sure Hair's 25 year History and Industry Innovation

In 2003 Sure Hair introduced the uni-strand technique 2003 and 10 years later in 2013, we we're the first in the area to introduce world class Robotics for extremely preciser extraction of follicular units. Artas® robotics technology, coupled with Uni-Strand®, provides world class hair transplantation results.

Currently, there are no other clinics in the world that offer both. Safely and gently removing the precious grafts without error one by one, and implanting the same grafts perfectly every time utilizing the time tested uni-graft™ technique.

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We Guarantee Our Results

The final density is excellent and the regrowth rate is completely guaranteed, natural without any noticeable scars, even with extremely short hair our Uni-Strand® Artas™ FUE hair transplant will leave no tell tale signs. This is what has made Sure Hair International one of the most popular hair transplant clinics in Canada since 2003. We strive to continue to introduce new and innovative techniques in order to improve our client’s final result.

Some of these techniques include: the stick and place technique for planting hair grafts which is a better method for planting single unit grafts, which the majority of other hair transplant clinics simply do not practice. We call this method Uni-Strand ®

The most advanced and innovative Hair Transplant techniques in the world

Trichophytic Closure

Our doctors and our skilled team of technicians practice a unique method of creating a trichophytic closure to camouflage donor incisions with hairs that grow right through the incision, which makes for a virtually undetectable donor area, you won’t find the typical donor area transplant scar on any of our patients.

“Gentle-touch” technique

The “gentle-touch” technique for administering anesthesia that is virtually painless.

Totally Natural Hair Lines

By utilizing what we like to call "controlled irregularity" we are able to exactly duplicate a hair line in the exact same way as it would grow naturally, this is a seamless and undetectable method for creating perfectly natural hairlines with total consistency. Even our own staff often has a difficult time telling the difference between a natural hairline and one that Surehair has previously recreated.

Artas™ Hair Transplant - No Scar, No Pain, No Regrets

The Artas™ Hair Transplant robot is an enormous leap forward in the use of medical robotics. The ARTAS™ robotic arm is able to extract singular folliclular units from the patient's donor area at a rapid rate, without ever damaging the grafts and without ever tiring. The end result is we are able to extract more grafts safely and are able to create a denser, thicker hair transplant, while eliminating the linear inscision.

Our medical doctors supervise all transplants so that each transplant is a custom designed work that serves the patient both in the short term and the long term. The end result is an ultra-refined hair transplant that is tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

Prior to all surgical procedures, the doctor will discuss in great detail all aspects of the surgery, as well as address any questions or concerns which the client may have.

Here at our staff try to ensure that each patient feels as if they have had an honest and clear discussion about the surgery and what to expect before, during and after the surgery.

Following the surgery, our clients can expect a detailed and extensive follow-up program which ensures that each patient has adequate support and access after the surgery.

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