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The Next Generation In Hair Transplantation
Has Finally Arrived In Hamilton Ontario.

8 Reasons Why Our Uni-Strand® R-FUE Hair Transplant is Simply Better

  • Totally Natural Looking Hairlines
  • No Linear Incision or Scar Created
  • No Stiches Or Scalpel Necessary
  • Consistently Excellent Results
  • Thicker, More Full Final Results
  • Most Minimally Invasive Process
  • Quicker Recovery Time 2-3 Days
  • More Efficient & Less Expensive

Did You Know?

As featured on the Doctors

id you know that the standard modern day hair transplant has been the only effective solution to hair loss? For many hair loss sufferers the modern day hair transplant has been the final, cosmetically acceptable solution to their hair loss, most other “solutions” simply do not result in cosmetically significant improvements for the vast majority of men and women.

Why Settle for an Old-Fashion Hair Transplant?

However, as effective as a it may be as a hair loss solution, an ordinary (we think of it as old-fashioned) hair transplant overwhelmingly offered by most clinics today is not without it’s drawbacks, to begin with, it’s slow, cumbersome and unnecessarily expensive, as a result of inefficient processes, outdated procedures, and a failure to adopt the latest medical technologies available..

Why Live With Hair Transplant Surgical Scars?

Plus, most commonly practised manual methods of harvesting donor hair grafts can result in a large scar at the back of the head (Strip Method) or a unnatural dot pattern from FUE graft harvesting, and it usually requires a rather lengthy recovery period of 2-3 weeks.

Not to mention the uncertainty and often times inconsistency of final results due to different surgical techniques, human error, fatigue, laziness, etc.

More Efficient, Less Expensive, Consistently Better Results
Learn More About The Robotic Hair Transplantation

Our ARTAS® Uni-Strand™ FUE is a revolutionary new combination of proprietary surgical technique and advanced technology that eliminates most if not all of the typical shortcomings of the common hair transplant offered by most clinics today, while simultaneously improving the final result and actually reducing the average cost of the procedure through greater efficiency and maximally effective surgical techniques.

No Plugs, No Stitches, No Regrets…
As featured on the Doctors

Our ARTAS® Uni-Strand™ FUE hair transplant is a very precise micro-surgical process that is minimally invasive, quick, affordable, and produces consistently excellent results for the benefit of patients just like you.

Dramatically Reduced Recovery Time – Just 2-3 Days

Our Medical Robotics are able to precisely identify and select singular follicular units of hair and extract them from your donor area, quickly and safely, while the doctor transplants them to your bald or thinning areas utilizing the Uni_Strand™ technique to dense pack the grafts, where they hair will grow for life.

Our hair transplant process is a minimally invasive micro-surgical procedure and therefore dramatically reduces the recovery time, generally our patients are back to their regular life, work and routines within 2-3 days.

No Linear Scar – Shave or Cut Your Hair Very Short
No Linear Scar or Unnatural Dot Pattern

Our procedure does not require a large linear incision to remove the donor hair, and therefore does not leave a linear scar or require stitches, the FUE graft extraction sites are intentionally randomized, mathematically calculated by advanced computer algorithms to ensure the donor area maintains uniform density throughout so it does not look unnatural, even if you like to close crop or even shave the back of your head very short, there will be no linear scar or unnatural dot pattern, there will be no evidence to reveal you’ve had a hair transplant.

World Class Results at 20% – 30% Less Then Other Clinics.

Our new Roboticially assisted FUE hair transplant is providing our patients with consistently thick, dense, world class results, at prices that are typically 20% – 30% less then an ordinary hair transplant at most other Canadian clinics.

Compare Our Client Results and Judge for Yourself.

We encourage you to take some time to learn more about our advanced hair transplant procedure and watch some of our client videos below, whether it’s a FUE hair transplant or a more common FUT hair transplant we believe you simply will not find a better looking hair transplant result in Canada, at any price. Compare our client results and judge for yourself.

Advantages Of Our Proprietary Uni-Strand® Robotic FUE®
  • High Density Head of Hair
    Artas™ Robotics precisely extract up to 30% more grafts then manual techniques, combined with our Uni-Strand® dense packing system the final result is a naturally thick head of hair!.
  • No Linear Scar
    Our Robotics extract one single FUE graft of hair at a time, it is Micro-Surgery so there is no linear scar or virtually any traces left behind once the procedure is complete.
  • Quick Recovery
    Our Robotic procedure is quick and minimally invasive so you can return to your regular activities within just 2 or 3 days.
  • No Unnatural Dot Pattern
    Because the Artas™ system removes grafts in an intentionally randomized manner there will never be an unnatural looking pattern of graft extraction sites left behind, you can even shave your hair short nobody will ever know.
  • 100% Consistent Results
    The Artas system is extremely precise, much more precise then the human hand, the final result is excellent natural results every time, no human error, ever!
  • Approved By The FDA
    The ARTAS™ Robotic system has been Rigorously tested, and is cleared by the FDA and other international regulatory bodies.
  • Virtually No Pain
    The ARTAS™ Robotics turns what once required extensive surgery into a quick, micro-surgical process virtually eliminating most pain and discomfort.
  • Dense Packed Hair Line
    Because our proprietary Uni-Strand® process allows us to densely pack the grafts, up to an incredible 50 grafts per CM squared, the final result is a youthful, naturally dense hair line.
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Watch as a Few of Our Clients Reveal Their Full Final Results
3300 Graft Hair Transplant

Indian Male FUT 3500 Graft Hair Transplant - Norwood 3

Caucasian Male 6 Months post-op 3500 Grafts

3500 grafts FUE high density transplant Norwood 3

4200 Graft Hair Transplant Norwood 7

3700 Graft FUT Hair Transplant

2000 FUE Lowering of Hairline

2000 FUE Crown Hair Transplant – Crown Hair Loss

Norwood 3 - FUT 3300 Grafts

FUE Hair Transplant

High Density Hair Transplant

Asian Male Hair Transplant Video

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