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Sure Hair International® has successfully treated thousands of patients since 1994. Male or Female, whether you’re looking to stop further hair loss, or add hair to thinning areas, Sure Hair has a full range of solutions to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Uni-Strand Robotic Micro-Surgical Hair Transplants, NT Non-Surgical Hair Grafting systems, In House Laser Re-growth Programs, SPA Hair Thickening and Rejuvenation Treatments and more products developed specifically for people with thinning hair over the course of 25 years of experience with our thousands of our clientele.

One of our hair loss experts will be reviewing your case personally, and will get in touch within 72 hours depending on availability, if you would like to expedite the process and get a free in-office consultation right away please call one of the numbers listed on our Locations Page.

Coming in for a live consultation is truly the best for you to actually *see for yourself* how completely natural and undetectable our hair loss technology can be. You’ll meet live clients of
Sure Hair International since often times our clients are so happy with their results they decide to work at Sure Hair International and help others by sharing their own results.

Since you have filled out our Online consultation form you already qualify for a discount should you elect to proceed with any of our hair restoration services.

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