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Here’s Why You’ll Get A Far Better Hair Transplant
Result at a Better Price Here..

  • Over 25 years Of Experience
  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients
  • No Linear Scar Required
  • No Stiches or Scalpel Required
  • Thicker, More Full Final Results
  • Approved by FDA

  • FREE PRP Treatment Included
  • FREE Clinical Laser Hair Therapy Included
  • 100% Natural Looking Hairlines
  • Quick Recovery Time 2-3 Days
  • Easy Financing Options Available
  • Payment plans as low as $99.00 Per Month

Did You Know?

id you know that Sure Hair International has been performing hair transplants for over 25 years? We have thousands of satisfied clients world wide.

We’ve always been focused on delivering superior results at prices that just about anyone can afford, and this philosophy is the main reason why we have recently decided to include a full platelet rich plasma treatment and six months of clinical strength laser hair therapy treatments with each and every hair transplant surgery we perform, all without any additional cost to our patients.

$3000 Worth of Additional Treatment at no Additional Cost

That’s right, you read that correctly, we are including both additional treatments at no additional cost, as in FREE for our patients.

Why? Well in our clinical research and observations we have recorded significantly improved final hair transplant results when both of these treatments are included as adjuncts to the hair transplant surgery, and we simply knew that in order to provide our patients with the very best results, bar none, we had to include these treatments.

Most other hair transplant clinics do not even offer platelet rich plasma treatments because it is a relatively new treatment, and are simply not in a position to offer clinical laser hair therapy. But if they did, they would generally charge an additional $3000 for both treatments. But not here at Sure Hair International, if you choose to become one of our hair transplant patients we’ll include both of these treatments at no additional cost.

The ARTAS™ Robotic FUE Procedure Changes Everything
As featured on the Doctors

The ARTAS™ Robotic hair transplant system transforms the common hair transplant procedure into a virtually pain free, minimally-invasive, precise micro-surgical process that is quick, affordable and produces consistently excellent results for the benefit of patients just like you.

Extract and Implant a Single Hair At a Time To Balding Areas
Learn More About The Robotic Hair Transplantation

The Robotic system is so precise that is is able to select and literally pluck out single follicular units of hair and remove them from your donor area, while the doctor implants them in your balding area, where the hair will grow for life. The procedure does not require a large linear incision in the donor area and therefore does not leave a linear scar like most common hair transplant procedures.

Advantages Of The ARTAS Robotic™ Procedure
  • High Density Head of Hair
    Artas™ Robotics precisely extract up to 30% more grafts then manual techniques, combined with our Uni-Strand® dense packing system the final result is a naturally thick head of hair!.
  • No Linear Scar
    Our Robotics extract one single FUE graft of hair at a time, it is Micro-Surgery so there is no linear scar or virtually any traces left behind once the procedure is complete.
  • Quick Recovery
    Our Robotic procedure is quick and minimally invasive so you can return to your regular activities within just 2 or 3 days.
  • No Unnatural Dot Pattern
    Because the Artas™ system removes grafts in an intentionally randomized manner there will never be an unnatural looking pattern of graft extraction sites left behind, you can even shave your hair short nobody will ever know.
  • 100% Consistent Results
    The Artas system is extremely precise, much more precise then the human hand, the final result is excellent natural results every time, no human error, ever!
  • Approved By The FDA
    The ARTAS™ Robotic system has been Rigorously tested, and is cleared by the FDA and other international regulatory bodies.
  • Virtually No Pain
    The ARTAS™ Robotics turns what once required extensive surgery into a quick, micro-surgical process virtually eliminating most pain and discomfort.
  • Dense Packed Hair Line
    Because our proprietary Uni-Strand process allows us to densely pack the grafts, up to an incredible 50 grafts per CM squared, the final result is a youthful, naturally dense hair line.

Watch as a Few of Our Clients Reveal Their Full Final Results

Hair Transplant Review Video - Norwood 7 patient
Amazing Medical Hair Restoration Toronto ON | (416)-747-7873
Indian Client Gives His Honest Hair Transplant Review | Toronto ON | (416)-747-7873

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