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What are Some of The Most Important Considerations
to make When Choosing a Clinic To Lower Your Hairline?

Welcome To North America’s Artas™ FUE Hair Restoration Leader. When it comes to lowering a hairline, the complexity of the surgery is quite commonly underestimated by both patient and doctor. This is especially so when the surgery is done by a general cosmetic surgeon or an inexperienced clinic, instead of a doctor or clinic who specializes in the practice of hair transplantation, with experience lowering hairlines.

One of The Most Often Underestimated Procedures

After all, if a clinic or doctor can successfully perform an entire hair transplant with success, then simply lowering a hairline an inch or two should be a walk in the park, right?

Wrong! We’ve all heard the old adage, “jack of all trades and master of none”, this is very much the case in the practice of surgical hair transplantation.

The truth is there are a significant number of very subtle elements involved in order to make a hair transplant look completely undetectable, and that’s also why it’s so easy to spot someone who’s had a hair transplant when all of the subtle elements, such as angulation, density, hair selection, irregular design etc. have not been fully mastered.

The doctor or clinic performing the surgery really need to master every aspect of these subtlties in order to achieve a completely natural looking result, but this is rarely ever the case when they don’t specialize exclusively on the practice of hair transplantation, it’s an art and a science that can only be mastered by repeated practice and accumulated experience.

We’ve Repaired Many Cases of an Unsuccessful Hairline Lowering

At Sure Hair Transplants, we are often referred repair cases where the client did not receive a final result they are satisfied with or which had been promised by the doctor.

In a significant number of those cases, simply lowering the hairline was the intended objective. Unfortunately in many of those cases the new “lowered hairline” did not look natural or even desirable.

Density Discrepancy is Generally The Main Problem

There are a number of reasons why the desired effect was not achieved, but one of the main reasons for the unnatural result is a discrepancy in the hair density between the transplanted hairline and the naturally growing high hairline.

The Capacity To Transplant Hair Grafts at 30-40CM2 is a Must Have Requirement

In order to achieve a natural looking result, a lowered hairline has to have a density of 30-40 hairs per centimetre squared in order to match or at least approach the approximate density of their existing naturally growing hairline, of there will be an obvious discrepancy in hair density, and unfortunately the vast majority of surgical hair restoration clinics simply do not have the capacity in terms of experience or technology to transplant hair at this high level of density per centimetre squared.

This Common Mistake Further Exacerbates The Problem

To make matters worse, in many of these cases we also see an unnatural design of the hairline along with the hair grafts themselves having been planted at unnaturally occurring growth angles to the scalp.

Over 25 Years of Experience Providing World Class Results

Here at Sure Hair Transplants, we have been performing surgical hair transplants for over 25 years, and in that time have performed thousands of hair transplant procedures while innovating some of the most advanced techniques and hair transplant technology available anywhere in the world, and to this day, we strive to continue to innovate and offer the very best to our clients.

Watch a Few Of Our Hairline Lowering Client’s Results & Case Studies

We routinely help our clients, and referral clients from other clinics successfully lower their hairlines to achieve a more youthful look.

We have a great deal of experience in this regard, if you are interested in lowering your hairline why not take a few moments to watch a few of the client videos & case studies below and then fill out the free Online consultation form below to speak with us about your hair loss?

We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the excellence of our past results for our clients, and by how easily affordable our services really are.

Fill out the form below and take the first step to resolving your hair loss concerns.

Here are a Few Of Our Hairline Lowering Client’s Results & Case Studies
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