Uni-Strand®: Hairlines, Angulations and Techniques

As a Hair Transplant Advisor, I spend a great deal of my day advising patients on the best methods to repair a bad transplant. Years ago, the medical staff of Sure Hair International saw the issues and problems with the hair transplant procedures that were being used. They addressed these issues by creating a FUT technique that has since been patented and is known as Uni-Strand®.

The Uni-Strand® method is the result of a 15 year collaboration of our physicians, technical staff, designers and hair stylists. The multi-faceted approach to merging input and ideas makes the Uni-Strand® method uniquely artistic, and produces final results far beyond those achieved using traditional hair transplant procedures.

What Makes Uni-Strand® Unique

Everyone wants their hair transplant to mimic what nature gave you. Widow’s peaks, swirls and density placement give the most natural looking result possible. The Uni-Strand® difference is the style, design, placement and amount of hair transferred. These are the things that make Uni-Strand® unique. By building on state of the art technology and methods, our surgical teams have achieved remarkable results.

  • High density transplants (50-75 grafts/cm2)
  • Consistently high graft survival rates of 95%
  • Ensuring a lack of density discrepancies and unnatural angulations, promoting a unified appearance between native and transplanted hair
  • Hairline designs and angulation techniques perfectly recreate the natural head of hair
  • Mega hair transplants at more than 4000 grafts or 10,000 hairs in one session. Most clinics require two or more sessions to achieve this number of grafts.
  • Reduced scarring due to higher harvest rate
  • Gentle Touch technique that was developed through years of study in pain management techniques. This allows our patients to avoid discomfort without being heavily sedated.

Our core surgical team has completed more than 5000 transplants for a total of 6.5 million grafts using the Uni-Strand® method. To date, no other clinic has ever been able to combine all the unique features and benefits of this technique with consistence.

Uni-Strand® was developed in answer to the issues encountered with traditional hair transplant procedures and techniques. Because of the high graft retrieval rate, most patients need only one surgery rather than two to three. The unique angulation techniques and planting patterns of Uni-Strand® recreate the perfect imperfections you were born with, leaving you with a natural looking, undetectable hair transplant.

Why go to another clinic for two or three hair transplants when you can get great results in one surgery performed with Uni-Strand®?