Neograft FUE in Hair Transplant Surgery

Currently, there is a lot of speculation about the use of Neograft FUE. The debate centers on whether this technique provides an advantage in the performance of hair transplant surgery. Neograft was developed as a tool to improve cosmetic surgeries. Whether it has the ability to revolutionize the field of hair transplant surgery will be seen with time.

Hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic surgery that is difficult to perform successfully. Only a few doctors have become experts in this procedure through years of experience and an innate artistic skill.

The technology provided with this machine has the potential to help hair loss professionals improve their results, but like any other device, it is better handled by one who has the experience. Take the example of a race car driver – he may get a new car, but he already has the knowledge that comes from years of racing cars. The car is still new, but his learning period will be much shorter than yours or mine would be. The same is true of new technology like the Neograft – in the hands of an experienced and skilled surgeon, it may provide a benefit.


When comparing FUE and STRIP techniques, the conclusion is always the same. The STRIP technique consistently produces a higher rate of growth, is more cost-effective and gives more grafts.  All FUE techniques share the same limitations and benefits, including Neograft. While FUE may provide faster extraction and planting of grafts, the results may not be superior to STRIP.

If the Neograft FUE is the route you decide to take, follow the same guidelines I recommend for any hair transplant surgery. Spend some time doing your research and use a doctor who has a great deal of experience in the field of hair transplant surgery. Evaluate the results experienced by his patients. Study before and after photos for natural looking hairlines and hair growth.

Neograft FUE is still new to the hair loss industry. As documented results are compiled, it may prove to provide a great deal of benefit to patients and surgeons in hair transplant surgery. Until then, STRIP is the best bet for quality results.