How to Know the Right Treatment for your Hair Loss

If you’re visiting this page, you have probably done one of two things:

  • Researched treatment for hair loss and are unsure which treatment option is the best
  • Have been in contact with our clinic and have been given this link to learn more

I receive emails every day inquiring about the cost of treatment for individuals. The problem is this: it is impossible to calculate exact costs of treatment through email or on a phone call. The type of issue must be identified correctly and a solution recommended before cost can be determined.

So, how do you know the right treatment for YOUR hair loss? Read on and I’ll cover the process we use to arrive at the recommendation for each patient. Whether hair transplant, topical treatment or a combination, the process is always the same.

When a hair transplant is considered, there are several factors that must be considered. These are the questions that need to be answered before deciding if a patient is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

  • How much hair has been lost, and how much more hair could be lost in the future?
  • How much donor hair is available for one surgery?
  • How many surgeries might be needed?
  • The type of hair loss present
  • Age and gender

Once we have all the answers, we can make recommendations and show you photos of what results can be expected. Some people learn that they are not good candidates and then other treatment options can be considered.

Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery

Once it is decided that hair transplant surgery is a viable option for a patient, and they are satisfied with what type of results will be gained, the next step is to determine the cost of the procedure. Each individual case is different, so quoting an exact cost is not possible without an exam by a hair loss specialist in the clinic.

You can expect a good quality hair transplant for a large area of loss to cost between $7000 – 10,000 CAD. This is not an area that you want to try to cut costs. While there may be clinics that will give you a lower price, the results will be so poor you will end up spending more on repair. If someone is determined to be a poor candidate for a hair transplant, then non-surgical hair can be considered with a cost of about $1500 HST.

Other Treatment Costs

For those affected by hair thinning without significant baldness, there are some really effective treatments and medications available. These are FDA approved for halting hair loss and stimulating regrowth of hair. One, or a combination of several, may be recommended depending on age and amount of hair loss. Cost for these treatments range from $1000 to $2500 HST. Often, this is the beginning point for patients in treating hair loss.

Other clinics may offer lower prices, but the results will be low in quality. When deciding on how to treat your hair loss, seek out the best clinic to get the best results. Call and set up an appointment today to see our hair loss specialist and get your treatment started.