Hair Transplants: Hairlines, Angulation, Techniques and Uni-Stand (Part Four)

This series of articles covers the most important factor when talking about or considering a hair transplant – a natural look. Only a skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon can achieve a truly undetectable result. For this portion of our discussion, we will be covering the topic of hairlines.

A True Story

Before going into the technical details of hairlines, I want to share a true story with you. I met with a gentleman yesterday who had come to the clinic for a consult. I have always made a decision about whether a hair transplant is an option before the first face to face I have with a patient. I base it on their hairline and their age. I had already decided that this particular gentleman did not need a hair transplant-he was in his late 40s and his hairline looked pretty solid. He had some areas that had receded and some thinning, but still looked pretty good.

The Surprise

Once we were sitting down, the gentleman let me know he had already had a hair transplant with Dr. Ferreira five years previously. I was completely speechless. I had looked at his hairline close up and truly did not spot the transplant. His hair transplant achieved exactly what you want it to – completely natural looking and undetectable.

I shared this story to prove a point. The number one concern with hair transplant surgery is hair density. When faced with the limitations of donor supply and the demands of the area of loss to be covered, it is the natural look of the hair transplant surgery that makes the results that last a lifetime.