Hair Transplant Sites and Blogs – Are they Trustworthy?

I am always poking around the internet and reading hair transplant blogs. After I received my bad hair transplant, I used the blogs and online communities to find information on good clinics. There were several online hair loss forums that were a great source of help for me, like the articles that I post helps others.

I’m going to talk here about the downside of the online sites with threads and open discussions. While they are a great place to begin getting some knowledge, it takes a lot of digging to find the answers you are looking for. That’s why this site is built to be your one-stop destination for all the information that’s important when it comes to knowing about hair loss.

The Downside of Hair Transplant Sites and Blogs

What you may not be aware of is this: there is no such thing as a neutral site. Why is this? Quite simply, someone owns that site and their goal is to make money. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this makes the information you get suspect.

Here’s the downside about these websites and how they work.

  • In our area, Hair Transplant clinics are not allowed to write posts about their physicians or give opinions from clients. Showing before and after photos is allowed, but that’s it.
  • To post on these sites, a clinic must be part of the membership. What this actually means is that clinics must pay to be on the site.

What happens because of this is that when researching clinics, you have to remember that just because you see a clinic featured on a blog, it doesn’t mean they are the best clinic to consult. We actually researched becoming a member of one of these sites last year and while they loved our work, they declined our membership because of a previous financial arrangement with another hair loss clinic.

So, even though they loved our work and found us to be extremely honest and ethical, giving our patients the best treatment for their hair loss, they did not want us to create a conflict for someone already paying. Not exactly unbiased, right?

How to know who’s the Best

While these hair transplant sites and blogs are great resources to gather information and knowledge, it’s important to understand how they operate. They are a means to make money for someone, so they cannot be neutral.

They way to know who is the best is to study before and after pictures. Look at the videos of the clinics. Our pictures are all shot in natural lighting with the same camera. We don’t use any tricks or gimmicks to make our photos look better, what you see is real results. All of our products, whether Hair Transplant Surgery or Laser Light Therapy are represented with truth and honesty.

So carefully judge everything that you read and balance what seems true and makes sense. You should even question the information I post. Read the available information, arrive at you own opinions and make an informed decision from what you see yourself and not what others may say.