Hair Transplant and Hairlines: Recreating Nature’s Imperfect Perfection

When a hair transplant surgery is performed, one of the defining factors is the appearance of the hairline. There is an actual art in the design of a natural appearing hairline. This is the area where so many hair loss clinics fail. Even without visible holes or plugs, there are many times when the hairline in a hair transplant just doesn’t look right. It looks unnatural.

Achieving a Natural Hairline

Take a look at celebrity photos or friends and notice the appearance of the hairlines. You will find that it is very rare that people have hairlines that are made up of hairs all perfectly aligned and angled. Mother Nature does not make hairlines that are completely straight forward with every hair angled in the same direction.

There is an art and a technique to recreating this natural imperfection in hair transplant surgery. The accepted norm in this industry is to place all hairs at the same angle and calling it good enough. The trick to achieving a natural appearing hairline, quite simply, is all in the angulation of the hairs. It is difficult to do and takes a great deal of time in training and then, in the procedure to perfect the planting and slightly different angulation of each hair. There are not many clinics that are able to produce this type of result.

The Proof

So the question is this: do you want just “good enough”, or do you want results so natural looking that it looks just like what you had before you started going bald? I think I already know your answer.

I’ve included some before and after photos of one of our hair transplant surgeries. I’ve included close ups of another hairline and its angulation at just ten days after surgery. You’ll notice how well the natural angulations are mimicked. These photos demonstrate the level of care our clinic takes with every procedure.