Crown Hair Transplant: 7000 grafts/ 16000 hairs 2 hair transplants:

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend! I know hair loss was the last thought on your mind over the weekend. Unless, of course, you have a bald spot and you either hid from the sun or now have a painful sunburn on your scalp.

 I’ve posted a video featuring a wonderful gentleman who never has to worry about a burned scalp again. He can completely enjoy outdoor festivities without hiding under a hat.


This gentleman received two separate hair transplant surgeries with about one year in between procedures. The video shows him just two weeks after the second surgery. Notice that the crown of his head is completely filled in and the transplanted grafts are visible. These grafts look similar to a 5 o’clock shadow and will continue to grow in over a one year period.


Copy and paste this link to watch the full video on YouTube.