How to Regrow Hair Naturally

The problem of hair loss is a big one – 2008 statistics show that nearly 35 million American men and women have experienced excessive hair loss. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, about 50% of males and 25% of females will suffer abnormal hair loss. We’ll talk about some of the causes and then address some ways to regrow hair naturally.

Causes of Hair Loss

Many may believe that hair loss is confined to men in their advancing years, but this is no longer true. Men and women alike can be affected by hair loss. Youth in their teens and early teens have also been known to experience thinning and even balding. There are some conditions and factors that are known to contribute to hair loss.

  • Genetic pre-disposition.
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Medications or treatments for other conditions
  • Allergies to cosmetics
  • Stress and anxiety

The loss of hair can have a devastating effect on all areas of a person’s life. Self-esteem and confidence are impacted negatively, reducing the joy and quality of life one experiences.

Stimulating Hair Regrowth

By far, the safest form of treatment is natural options. Natural hair regrowth treatments are painless and do not require surgery. They can also be the best option when other conditions or diseases are being experienced. There are several natural hair regrowth methods you can take advantage of.

  • Natural Regrowth Products. There are a large number of products available at any number of stores. They can take the form of a medicated solution or gel. Before purchasing any of these products, consult with a hair loss specialist to be sure you get a reputable and quality brand. There are some that are at best, ineffective, and some that may actually be harmful.
  • Vitamin Supplements. Certain and important vitamins and minerals are important in hair and scalp nourishment. Eating a large variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis helps, but additional supplementation may be needed. Consult with a hair loss physician for advice on the different types of vitamins that may benefit you.
  • Herbal Remedies. Herbal remedies may be able to nourish and revive dead hair follicles, causing them to become active and begin growing hair again. A hair care specialist can give you advice on the different varieties of herbs for hair loss.

If natural hair regrowth is something that you would like to explore, then Sure Hair of Canada can help guide you to the best natural treatment options for your individual needs and circumstances. The highly trained and qualified hair loss specialists on staff can assess your hair loss and design a custom natural treatment program for you.