Natural Hair Pieces in Canada

The use of wigs and hair pieces has been a popular practice for centuries. During the height of the Renaissance period, it was unacceptable to appear outside your bedchambers without a wig. Today’s modern hair piece alternatives in Canada are a big improvement over the Renaissance pieces, with wigs and hair pieces that look so close to your own natural hair that no one will know the difference.

Why Natural Hair Pieces?

There are a couple of options available when purchasing a hair piece in Canada. You can choose between hair pieces constructed with synthetic fibers or those made of natural hair. The many advantages provided by natural hair pieces have resulted in their increased popularity.

  • Both the synthetic and natural hair pieces boast a natural look. However, those made with natural hair come much closer to the real thing.
  • Natural hair pieces can be styled just as you would your own. Straightening, curling and even perms can be done without harming the piece. Synthetic pieces have limitations on what styling techniques and tools can be used.
  • Natural hair pieces can be dyed along with your own hair, without causing any harm to the piece. Synthetic hair pieces do not take dye well, making it either impossible to match the color or causing damage to the hair piece.

Choosing the right hair piece to meet your needs and complement your lifestyle takes some time and research. To get the perfect product for you, consult with a hair piece specialist for a custom design and fit. They can help you decide whether the natural hair or synthetic option is best for you. Custom made natural hair pieces are more costly, but can be well worth the investment to attain the natural, carefree look you desire.