Laser Hair Comb Use for Hair Regrowth

Laser technology has undergone refinement and an evolution. With the advancements in the application of laser therapy, it has moved from the treatment of sports injuries to the industry of hair loss prevention and hair strengthening. The development of the laser hair comb adds another option for the treatment of hair loss victims. The technology is used to restore luster, shine, volume and overall health to natural hair. It is approved by the FDA, and is used in hair regrowth treatments.

How it Works

A very specific light wavelength is produced by the laser comb. This wavelength energizes the hair, which promotes a stronger growth phase. Users have reported seeing thicker and fuller hair after a few months of regular use.

The laser comb deliver Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT, to the follicle of the hair. A beam of light is produced that targets specific cells, nourishing and saturating them with the energy. This process increases the blood flow to the hair follicles, which also stimulates hair growth.

Benefits of the Laser Comb

Users of the laser comb have reported many benefits that they enjoy.

  • Easy and convenient use
  • Absence of side effects
  • Ability to use in the comfort of their own home, avoiding costly and time-consuming salon sessions
  • Minimal time investment of three fifteen minute sessions per week
  • Visibly thicker and fuller hair within a few months of regular use

Laser Comb Use

Those using the laser comb have found it incredibly easy to use, although the technique is slightly different than the use of a regular hair comb. By following these steps, you will get the maximum benefits from each session.

  • Place the laser comb flat on your head
  • Glide the laser comb gently about a half an inch at regular intervals
  • Begin at the front of the head and then move toward the back, then repeat the process from back to front.

Each session should last about fifteen minutes. By performing this three times per week, you will begin to notice an improvement within two to three months.

Safety Features

High quality laser combs are equipped with safety features and produce an energy level that is effective, while remaining safe and harmless. Some features to look for:

  • Frequency alert
  • Proximity detection
  • Session management
  • Computerized exposure programs

Tips for Usage

  • People under the age of 18 should consult with a physician before use
  • Wash your hair regularly when using the laser comb to prevent buildup that will interfere the transmission of the laser light.
  • Gentle, sulfate-free shampoos and products are recommended for hair care while the laser comb is in use
  • Before and after each use, wipe your laser comb with a damp, clean cloth