Laser Combs and Enhancement of Hair Growth

In ancient Rome, structures were built to enable wealthy citizens to take advantage of natural sunlight and its therapeutic properties in promoting hair growth. Today, we may not always be able to relax under the sun to nourish our hair. To meet this need, laser hair combs have been developed that emit beneficial ray at certain wavelengths. While many spas and salons offer these treatments, they are also available for home use. There are many benefits associated with the use of these devices.

  • You can perform the sessions in your own home at a time convenient for you. Simply use the laser comb several times per week for fifteen minutes each session.
  • The laser comb will pay for itself as it can be used as often as you wish. You only need to purchase the equipment once and then enjoy the benefits over and over.
  • The roots of the hair are stimulated when using the laser comb, promoting a more robust and healthy hair growth.

Adequate Hair Nourishment

To get the most benefit and the best results from the use of your laser comb, your hair and scalp will require the proper care and nourishment to flourish. Genetic hair loss is caused by the presence of DTH on the hair follicles. DTH prevents nutrient absorption and causes the follicle to starve, and then fall out. This produces the overall thinning and balding areas so many people experience.

Use of DTH removing serums and shampoos correct this imbalance and allow the follicle to be adequately nourished. To get the best results from use of your laser comb, you will need to use these specially formulated products. Accumulations of dirt and oils can also block nutrient absorption, so shampoo as often as your professional recommends.

Use of the laser comb, combined with quality products and adequate nourishment of the hair, can stimulate hair growth and preserve remaining hair. The specialized technology of this device can save you a great deal of time and money over sessions performed at a salon or spa. Results are typically noticed within a few months after beginning regular use of the laser comb.

At Sure Hair International, we can provide you with the finest quality DTH removing serums and shampoos. Our professional staff can assist you in purchasing and learning to use your laser hair comb and hair care products.