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I have spent the last four years working as a Hair Transplant Consultant. Every day, I answer questions, explain the reality behind the myths, and give wake up calls. I am passionate about my work because I was the victim of hair loss. One day, I decided to get a hair transplant. I had horrible results. It took years of searching to find a top quality clinic that restored not only my hairline, but my confidence and happiness.


In this series of articles, I want to talk about my favorite subject: hairlines in hair transplant surgery. These articles are designed to do what I never have time to do in a consultation – fully explain why Dr. Ferreira and his team, along with a few other physicians, are the masters in the creation of absolutely natural looking hairlines. And why so many other clinics continue to use archaic techniques and produce horrible work.


In my December 28th article, I used the following video as an example of what I see on a daily basis.


In this article, I want to go into the specifics of what you need to look for when consulting with a clinic about hair transplant surgery. First and foremost, you want a clinic that can give you an undetectable hairline. Before density, coverage or graft counts comes a natural appearance. After all, if your hair transplant looks unnatural, what was the point of going through it?


Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)


The world of hairlines changed with the introduction of the follicular unit. FUT is a transplant technique that entails the transplantation of hair in naturally occurring groups on one to four hairs. These groups are called follicular units. They also contain oil glands, nerves and a small muscle. In FUT, these units allow the surgeon to transplant thousands of grafts safely in a single session. This maximizes the cosmetic impact of hair transplant surgery. FUT is considered a major advance in hair transplant procedures. Previously, larger grafts were used that produced a “pluggy” and unnatural look. A skilled hair transplant surgeon can produce results that perfectly mimic hair’s natural growth. Results are truly undetectable. (


The development of the follicular unit made incredibly natural looking results, a vast improvement over earlier techniques. This was only the first step in the journey toward truly undetectable hairlines. Through trial and error and various techniques, advancements continue to be made.


If you’re as passionate about hair as I am, and are interested in more details, go to part three of this series. If you/re ready for more hair, come into the clinic for your free consultation. You’ve already seen proof of how incredible Dr. Ferreira’s work is – what are you waiting for?



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