Hair Transplant and Hairlines

The hairline and its appearance is perhaps the most important feature of any transplant. It frames the face and works with our features. A truly undetectable, natural appearing hairline can only be created by a few clinics. The difference is in the design and the artistic ability of the surgeon.

When deciding which clinic to choose, study the before and after photos of previous clients. Study the hairlines. It should look completely natural and fit the face well. Some factors to look for are listed below.

  • Density Discrepancies. When there is an unnatural difference in density between the original and transplanted hair, the effect is a thin or “see through” transplant. There are only a few clinics that can achieve a high density transplant.
  • Unnatural Design. The hairline should recede slightly, frame the face and work with the facial features. No one is born with a perfect hairline, so there should be slight imperfections or it will appear “off”.
  • Angulation. Hair should be angulated to mimic the natural growth patterns. If the transplanted hair is placed perpendicular to the skin, several problems will arise. A skilled surgeon takes the time to precisely place and angulate each individual graft.

After several years of consulting with clients, I have seen many clients who have received bad hair transplants. The result is a pluggy, unnatural appearance. I’ve included some video examples of results from other clinics as illustrations.”></a>


For comparison, the following video will show you a hair transplant performed at our clinic. It is an example of a near perfect head of hair.”></a>

The fact is that undetectable hair transplants are possible. Choose a qualified surgeon who has the experience and proven results. The artistic ability needed to create a natural look is a skill that very few possess.