Hair Transplant and How to Get Good Results

About five times every week, I talk to someone who has had a hair transplant and had horrible results. Unnatural looks, pluggy and mismatched densities. Their results look like someone used 20 year old techniques and technology. It’s no wonder people think hair transplants always look fake. But the truth is, if you go to the right place, you’ll get good results. So, how can you be sure to get the natural, undetectable hair transplant you’re looking for? Read on and I’ll tell you.

It Happens Way Too Often

All too often, people are promised one thing and actually end up with another. These are some typical complaints I’ve heard from clients that received their hair transplant at other clinics.

  • “I had a hair transplant 10 months ago and last week had a follow up. When I had my consultation last year Dr. XXX sold me on one of four possible packages small, medium, large and extra-large. He told me that a large session ($7,000) would be all I needed and the photos of other clients confirmed this. I do have transplanted hair today but it is 50 -60 percent thinner than what I was led to believe would happen or the photos indicated”
  • “I received an incredible hard sell and was told that the new hair would be as thick as the hair on the sides of my head and that I would never have to worry about hair loss again. I was an incredibly confident young man and thought that I was facing what I perceived to be a big problem head-on. Looking back at photos of me at the time my hair was not even that bad. But instead of telling me that and to wait they readily took my money and put 100 plugs just behind my hairline. Of course all the hair around the plugs fell out. It did grow back but much thinner and I believe the “surgery” increased the rate of hair loss over the next 14 years. I now have a lovely corn row patch on each side of my head”

Sadly, I meet people who have been through this on a daily basis. They are the victims of false promises made to make money.


What Can You Do?

A hair transplant can look great, last years and be so natural that no one would know unless you told them. There are some things you can do to ensure you get good results for your money.

  • Get educated and consult with a top quality clinic
  • Unless you have had very little loss of hair, no one can give you a full head of hair back. Don’t be fooled.
  • Many clinics may claim to be able to harvest 3000 grafts, but the truth is that only a few have the skilled staff to harvest and plant that number with successful growth. It is only through years of working together that our clinic has been able to perfect techniques to achieve this level.
  • If you’re the victim of a bad transplant, your situation is not hopeless. You can still receive repair and have the natural looking hairline you want and deserve.