Genetic Hair Loss Testing from Hair DX

The majority of the male population is susceptible to the hair loss pattern called androgenic alopecia. Hair DX has developed a test that can provide predictions for this type of hair loss in both men and women. This genetic hair loss test can help to identify the type and causes of hair loss

How it Works

Once hair loss becomes noticeable, 30 to 50% of the hair is already gone. Hair treatments are designed to halt hair loss, not promote regrowth of the hair that has already been lost. The Hair DX genetic hair loss test fulfills two important purposes:

  • Predictions of the risk of future hair loss prior to noticeable thinning.
  • Predictions of your body’s response to available hair loss treatments.

Through the collection of a small amount of DNA material, the presence or absence of the androgen receptor gene is determined. The presence of this gene in males is predictive of a 70% likelihood of hair loss before the age of 40. The absence of the gene indicates an 85% likelihood of retaining the hair.

For women, a score referred to as CAG is calculated. The CAG score helps to identify the hair loss pattern, possible causes and the type. A higher CAG score indicates a low risk of hair loss, while a lower score indicates the woman will is at high risk of developing hair loss and balding.

Variations in this gene are responsible for the level of sensitivity present to androgen. Androgen is the hormone responsible for androgenic alopecia, the most common cause of hair thinning and baldness for both men and women. The genetic hair loss testing from HairDX can provide an accurate prediction of the response to current treatment options.

When performed prior to any visible thinning or balding, FDA approved treatments can begin to halt hair loss and preserve the existing head of hair. For those concerned about the possibility of being affected by genetic hair loss, this testing method provides the means to stay ahead of balding and thinning hair.

Sure Hair International is your one stop source for genetic hair testing and all the recommended treatment methods. Some of the options offered are the Hairmax laser comb, Surethik hair cleansers and serums, medications such as Propecia, and many other treatments.  Schedule an appointment for your hair loss consultation and recommended treatment options.