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Hair Transplant Surgery and Graft Counts

When considering hair transplant surgery, patients often receive quotes for ever higher numbers of grafts. This can be extremely confusing for the patient, and many surgeons are concerned that these numbers can be misleading. The advances in the science of hair transplant surgery have enabled physicians to

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Straight Talk about Hair Systems

Societies throughout the world place emphasis on appearance. Right or wrong, we all form judgments when looking at someone’s appearance. How we present ourselves to those around us can affect our lives on every level, both personally and professionally. When hair loss or thinning is an issue,

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How to Buy Hair Pieces in London

The use of hair pieces and wigs to complement and improve our looks can be traced throughout the history of man. Even in the times of the ancient Egyptian civilization, Pharaohs made use of wigs as part of everyday life. The hair pieces of today are a

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